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Xamagen (IPA: χɑmɑgen, see pronunciation notes below) is a natural language spoken as a first language for most citizens of One World. The language began as a constructed language, pulling elements from several different natural languages which existed at the time of its creation. After several decades of use, Xamagen's current developments are akin to the formation of natural languages as native speakers use it in daily life.

The name for Xamagen is derived from "xama" meaning "world," and "gen" a Sino-Japanese word for language. Hence, Xamagen is a language meant for the world.

For more details on grammar and vocabulary: Xamagen Grammar.


A friend brought to the author's attention the extent to which the letter X is used in the English language. Therefore, to clarify, when "X" is used before an "i" sounds like a throaty sound as if you were clearing your throat. When "X" is used before any other vowel, it is a "zh" or "sh" sound.